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Behavioral Health Support for Patients with Long COVID

Patient Centered

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization reported that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive increase in anxiety and depression around the globe.


A Role Model for the Deaf Community


For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, the world can be a challenging place to navigate. How does a parent nurture a child born deaf while taking care of their emotional health?


Cards Stacked in Favor of Connection at Peer Support Center


The Biddeford Peer Support Center offers a unique space for people with varying experiences to connect with others and enrich their lives.


Philanthropy Activity and Donor Listings


Much of this year’s fundraising activity centered on raising funds necessary to build the new Glickman Lauder Center of Excellence in Autism and Developmental Disorders.

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Working the Program Works for Young Mom


“By the time I checked myself into the PARC unit (psychiatric and addiction recovery center), I was terrified by suicidal thoughts.” It was in 2019 when Nicole made that decision; and it saved her life.

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Enhancing Patient Care Through Groundbreaking Research


High-quality research is necessary for identifying potential treatments, interventions, and generating new knowledge to improve patient care. Our team at the Glickman Lauder Center of Excellence autism research program work tirelessly in this pursuit.

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