Three Years and Loving Life!

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After an accident in 2006, Sara was prescribed Percocet to manage her pain. That was the start of a downward spiral of substance misuse made more challenging by a series of life challenges, culminating in the passing of her beloved grandmother. Her grief was so debilitating that she resorted to methamphetamines to help her sleep and had even begun smoking crack. When faced with migraines she resorted to oxycodone pills secured without a prescription to get through the days.

It was a recipe for heartache that led to her temporarily losing custody of her children.

“My life was just out of control. I had nowhere safe to stay. None of the treatment I tried seemed to work and I was just sick of detoxing all the time.”

Finally, at the urging of her mom, she called Maine Behavioral Healthcare. “With that first call I just knew this was different. These people really seemed to care and understand me without judging or making me feel like I was a ‘junkie’.”

Fueled by an unwavering desire to regain custody of her children, Sara embraced treatment with enthusiasm as a way to turn her life around. The program meant attending intensive treatment three evenings a week, and without a car she gladly walked the distance each way. Her treatment team members were thrilled with her progress.

The team’s psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Scott, said, “Sara always speaks during our medication and therapy groups, and sees me and her therapist on a regular basis. I am so proud of her. When she came to us she really threw herself into the program and has become an advocate and cheerleader for our patients — even encouraging others to begin treatment.”

For the past three years she has tested negative for any illicit substances and remains dedicated to keeping up with her treatment. She regained custody of her children, purchased a home and is in a healthy relationship. Most recently, she received certification to become a peer recovery coach so she can help others.

When asked what motivates someone to enter treatment, Sara said without hesitation, “For me it was all about my kids. It means saying, ‘I’m done with this – it’s not worth it anymore.’ Now that I got the right treatment I’m in a great place!”

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If you or a loved one needs help with substance use disorder, including alcohol, call 1-844-292-0111.

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Joseph D Scott, DO

Joseph D Scott, DO

A Holistic Approach to Substance Use Treatment

At MaineHealth we know that addiction is not a moral failing, nor is it a condition that can be managed through sheer willpower. Our treatment practices follow scientific evidence which points to a clear biologic cause of addiction. Treatment needs to involve the whole person in a way that meets their needs at every stage of the illness. At our intensive treatment clinics, clients receive counseling, access to peer support, and medication that reduces opioid craving and symptoms of withdrawal.

If you or a loved one needs help with substance use disorder, including alcohol, call 1-844-292-0111.

Listen to what Katie Fullham Harris, Chief Affairs Officer at MaineHealth, has to say about our approach to treating substance use disorder.